Are You True?

Here are the notes from Sunday’s sermon.

I.  Read Amos 5:14-15

Seek good and not evil.  In order to do that we need the guidance of the Word and of the Holy Spirit.  They will work together to help us identify what is good.

We should also seek justice.  There are two kinds of justice, criminal and distributive.  As Christians we should seek to influence society to be just for all.

II.  Read Amos 5:16-24

A.  The day of the Lord will be a day of judgment for many.

B.  God is not pleased with an appearance of godliness.  Empty religious expressions anger Him.

C.  Our faith in God should inspire righteousness and justice.

Far too often we are only concerned about justice for ourselves and quick to point out unrighteousness in others.  It should be the other way around.  We should seek for righteousness in our own lives and justice for others.

III.  Read Amos 7:7-9

A plumb line is a string with a weight attached.  It is used in construction to verify a true vertical ascent.  If God checks our lives, are we true, or are we starting to veer away from the ideal?

IV.  Read Revelations 3:1-6

In chapters two and three of Revelations, God writes to the churches.  In those letters are commendations for doing well, and warnings about things that need to change.  I would encourage you to read all of the letters and ask yourself what would God write to you?

V.  Read Matthew 16:24-27

Our relationship with God is not a get-out-of-hell-free card.  It is meant to be a new life, a life that we live for God, and with God.  Have we truly let go of the old life?  Have we taken up the life that God has for us?  Are we living for Him, or for ourselves?

What would God write to us?

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2 Responses to “Are You True?”

  1. hiwaychristian Says:

    We were burned to ashes, our belongings taken without cause or apology, beheaded, cast out of every fellowship, fed to lions for the joy of the citizens who watched, tortured, tongues cut out, eyes removed, and thousands of other physical punishments. But Jesus’ people survived and flurished.

    They split our fellowship over foolish and tiny divisions of understanding, yet we continued.

    They broke up the family by providing wheels of ease. And jobs moved to the city, where sin began to abound because of annominity.

    And still Jesus’ people thrived.

    But in these last days: They have mocked the works of God by promoting a society of “good works”, social equality, politically correct speach, and tollerance. And look how the Church suffers. Fewer and fewer, are the number of those who understand the concept of True Good Works, born of the Spirit of God.

    The fact that you felt it necessary to preach such a sermon says a whole lot about the nature of today’s society.

    May God bless you as you hold out the words of Life.

    By His Grace.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Thank you for commenting. In some ways the church is tested more severely by comfort and success than by trouble and persecution. I, for one, do not want people to be comfortable remaining in their sin. I believe that through the Word and the Spirit God continues to work in our lives, throughout our lives.

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