In God We Trust

I appreciate that we still have the saying “In God We Trust” on our money.  These days it seems even more important to realize that our ultimate trust is placed, not in our government, nor our own resources, but in God.

As the fiscal year for our country comes to an end, we have serious problems  facing our country.  I regularly pray that our leaders will make good choices and good decisions, that God will give them the wisdom to know what to do, and the strength and courage to do what is right.

I think I need to pray harder…perhaps you will join me.

Perhaps we can hold meaningful discussions of possible solutions, rather than shouting matches of entrenched ideology.  Perhaps if we worked together, we would collectively find the wisdom and strength that we need to build a stronger country.

May God help us.

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3 Responses to “In God We Trust”

  1. NotAScientist Says:

    “I appreciate that we still have the saying “In God We Trust” on our money. ”

    Which god?

    I put my trust in Thor. What with the weather-controlling powers and magic hammer, I think he’s the deity to back.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      One of the great things about America is that you are free to believe in whatever you want to believe. I believe in the Christian triune God, with Jesus Christ as my savior. Good luck with Thor…lol.

  2. Laura Kauffman Says:


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