A Better Plan?

Who, in their right mind, would spend a dollar, that they need to borrow,  to make a dime?

I ask this question in advance of the president’s speech tonight because I am hoping that he is not going to propose spending billions of dollars on a job stimulus project.

We would  have to borrow the money.

We would get back only a small portion in taxes.

It would provide only a temporary improvement.  When the federal money runs out, those people would again be out of work.  It is not a permanent solution.

I sincerely hope that he has a better plan, than spending money we would have to borrow.  The increased debt would last longer any benefit.

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4 Responses to “A Better Plan?”

  1. Cherie Bell Says:

    Ok. So what IS the plan to create jobs w/out raising our national debt?

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      You can see the comment below for the link to Dave Ramsey’s idea. Also, I would support a rollback in the minimum wage. I believe that there has been much economic instability ever since the minimum wage was dramatically increased back in 2006. (I think that I have the year right. ) Other than that, I may not have the right answer, but I can recognize a wrong one.

  2. Laura Kauffman Says:

    Who, indeed? Until we change our culture as it relates to finances, we will continue to see bad fiscal policy coming from our government. If we can change the electorate, we will change the government. You might be interested in Dave Ramsey. He is a Christian personal finance expert, bestselling author and has a nationally syndicated radio talk show. My husband and I took his seminar, a 13 week program called Financial Peace University, a few years ago and it changed our life. He recently launched a program, The Great Recovery, that addresses the concept of rebuilding our economy from the household up instead of from the government down. You can check it out at http://www.thegreatrecovery.com. You pushed my button with this post, Pastor! As an accountant, small business owner, tax preparer and citizen, I am buried in the consequences of bad fiscal policies every day.

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