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That Your Joy Might Be Full

September 6, 2011

Here are the main points from the sermon I preached on Sunday.  Please take the time to look up the Bible verses.

I.  God is Faithful  Lamentations 3:22-26

The Lord is good to those who wait for Him.  That means both to spend time in His presence, but also to be willing to wait for His timing.

II. That Your Joy Might Be Full  I John 1:4

The purpose of this epistle is so that his readers joy may be full.  We may identify several keys to that end.

III.  Do Not Love The World  I John 2:15-17

Sometimes Christians allow the things of this world to be more important to them than God.  That is never good.  God wants to be our first love, our first priority.  If God is reduced to second, or third place in our lives, we can expect our joy to be diminished.

IV.  Trust God  I John 4:17-18

Fear is the opposite of trust.  You cannot be both afraid and joyful.  If we trust God we have nothing to fear.  If we truly love God, we will not be afraid, either of Him, or of anything.  We will recognize that “greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world”.  (I John 4:4)

V.  Obey God  I John 5:1-5

The greatest commandment is to love God, the second is to love one another.  If our lives our filled with love, we will keep the commandments of God.  It won’t even be difficult because we are simply living out the love that is within.  A life filled with love is a life filled with joy.

Conclusion:  As Christians, if our joy has been diminished,  we should ask ourselves  three questions.  Is God first in our life?  Do we trust God fully, with all the details of our life?  Do we truly love God and is that love expressed by a life of obedience?

Is your joy full?