How to Make a Christian Nation

How do you make a Christian nation?  If a leader commands conversion, you might get outward compliance, but not true conversion.  In a similar way, if laws are established to enforce church attendance and to make sin illegal, you would again,  get outward compliance, but not true conversion.  The only way for a nation to become Christian is by convincing individual people to convert, and then to freely choose to live a Christian lifestyle.  If enough people in a nation are truly Christian, then that nation could be called a Christian nation.

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8 Responses to “How to Make a Christian Nation”

  1. ephesians413 Says:

    Very true. Unfortunately, not everyone will choose to live a true Christian life, but if they knew of the benefits, the blessedness, the sweetness of such a life, perhaps they would be more apt to desire it.

  2. glblock Says:

    True, a christian nation would be very obvious as to that fact. That nation would be great and others would want to be near it, or even strive to become like it. I am scanning the globe for such a nation but their flames seem to be flickering. praying

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Believers in all nations should let their light shine. Whether outnumbered or not. We should also continue to preach the gospel in all the world, starting in our own homes, communities, and country.

  3. glblock Says:

  4. ephesians413 Says:

    I think that what you said about freely choosing to live a Christian life is very important. I truly believe that God makes it a priority for people to choose Him of their own volition. For example, I taught my children about God and His love and His commandments etc. I tried to live what I believe so that they would have an example. However, now that they’re grown, they have to make that choice for themselves. When someone chooses God on their own and makes the godly life their own, it can never be robbed from them no matter what happens in their life. They will be like the seed that was planted in good ground. The life of God in them will bring forth a lot of fruit!

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