Our politicians need to find a way to move forward.  We have a House controlled by republicans and the Senate is controlled by democrats.  They need to work together to get any legislation passed.  It is time to get creative.  It is time to look for common ground and a new approach.  It is time to work together.  We are currently at stalemate and with a stalemate, nobody wins.

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2 Responses to “Stalemate”

  1. Duane Moraine Says:

    Stalemate is good, we do not want them to win. We want to win. Their approach to getting things done is finding a way to spend our money. They have lied, cheated and stolen our money. If it had been an individual or a private corporation charges of theft would have been brought forward. They are corrupt. They need to get out of the education, child-rearing, health care, abortion funding and greenhouse businesses. Go back to pre LBJ “Great Society” days and watch this nation grow again. Sorry, you pushed one of my buttons. Smile, God loves us and even them. Duane

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Accusations of lying, cheating, and stealing, are made by both parties. I am more interested in finding solutions to debt, maintaining national security, and other common problems.

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