I am preparing to participate in my very first 24 hour run.  I have run regularly for years, completing distances of up to 10 miles.  I thought that since I was upgrading the distance significantly that I should upgrade my shoes as well.  I went to a local store that specialized in running equipment and purchased the shoes that they recommended in the size that they suggested, which was a size larger than I normally purchase.

In over thirty years of running, I have never had problems with my feet.  These new shoes have been a challenge.  At first they caused soreness in my arches.  Now that has gone away but I am getting blisters on my left foot.  The good news is that my knees, hips and back: which have sometimes hurt,  are doing well.

I hope my feet adjust soon, the date of the run is quickly approaching.

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2 Responses to “Blisters”

  1. Scott Hoag Says:

    Remember what I told you, you were not helped by one of the managers or owners. I’m hopeful the shoes will work. The larger size will compensate if your feet swell, which is common for longer distances. I ran the 24-Hour Run one year during several thunderstrom cells that passed over, my left foot swelled 2 sizes larger.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      I also, am hopeful that the shoes will work. I have heard from some sources that it takes some time for feet to adjust to the different support in a higher quality running shoe.

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