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The Reality of the Unreal

March 24, 2011

Some people think that only the material realm exists.  They judge everything by the evaluation of sensory perception.  Anything that does not register on the senses, at least to some degree, is unreal.

I believe in the reality of the unreal.  There is more to existence than that which meets the eye, or ear, or nose, or taste, or touch.

I believe in God.

God exists outside of the material realm.  God cannot be located using sensory perception, but He is very real, just not in the material sense.

At times throughout history God has revealed Himself in a way that could be perceived by the senses, but those apparitions were only temporary, performed for our sakes, so that we could gain clarity to our faith.

You see, it is by faith that we perceive God.  We recognize in our hearts the reality of the “unreal”.  The peculiar thing is that with an acceptance of the reality of God, the natural world around us makes more sense.