A Healthy Heart

Last fall I passed out while spending a day shopping with my wife and some friends.  No, it was not the prices!  After I came to, I was checked out by the medical personal who said that I was stable enough to be driven to the hospital by private vehicle.  I spent the night in the hospital.  There did not appear to be anything wrong with me so they released me, but told me to follow-up with my physician.

My doctor sent me for a stress test.  It was borderline abnormal.  After that there were additional tests, visits to the cardiologist and finally some medication was prescribed and my activities were somewhat restricted.

It turns out that my hearts electrical system had been knocked off by some form of “trigger”  It took the medication to help my heart’s system to reset.  My heart has been pronounced healthy once again. No more drugs, no restrictions, life has returned to normal.

Thank you God, and thank you doctors, and thanks to all who prayed for me.

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6 Responses to “A Healthy Heart”

  1. Russell Kinney Says:


    Would have prayed had I known. Thanks for the post and very glad you’re doing better.
    Wonderful analogy derived from your post. Unknown things can “trigger” our heart to get off of God’s rhythm. Ergo the psalmists admonition to “guard” our hearts.
    With God’s divine medicine and His healing touch, no heart can be out of rhythm too long.
    So glad you’re better my friend.
    PS: I think the electrical trigger has something to do with the mini van windows… ya think? 😉


  2. Duane Moraine Says:

    A great report. Your “normal” health and abilities we all would like to have. God bless you. Duane

  3. Gloria Says:

    God is good! I am sure there are numerous lessons in all of this.

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