A Reason to Smile

I just came from a meeting of the local Lions club, of which I am a member.  The speaker this week had recently returned from a years lay ministry opportunity at an orphanage in Rwanda.  He showed many pictures and told many stories about the boys and young men with whom he had worked, and lived amongst for a year.  In the pictures the boys were all smiling broadly.  The lives and situations that were described were difficult at best and tragic stories were common.

Why the smiles?

Each of the individuals pictured had something to smile about: a meal, a job, an opportunity for education, a friend…something.

Our speaker pointed out that our lives can be so blessed that we forget to appreciate all the things that we do have, that we sometimes grumble about perceived shortcomings, rather than enjoying the  simple things that we have taken for granted.

As I left, having eaten a good meal, to go back to a job that I enjoy, driving a van that is paid for, knowing that I will eat again this evening, sleep in a warm house tonight, and have many people in my life who love and care about me, I must admit that a smile crossed my face…just because for a moment at least I realized how I am blessed.

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