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A Healthy Heart

January 27, 2011

Last fall I passed out while spending a day shopping with my wife and some friends.  No, it was not the prices!  After I came to, I was checked out by the medical personal who said that I was stable enough to be driven to the hospital by private vehicle.  I spent the night in the hospital.  There did not appear to be anything wrong with me so they released me, but told me to follow-up with my physician.

My doctor sent me for a stress test.  It was borderline abnormal.  After that there were additional tests, visits to the cardiologist and finally some medication was prescribed and my activities were somewhat restricted.

It turns out that my hearts electrical system had been knocked off by some form of “trigger”  It took the medication to help my heart’s system to reset.  My heart has been pronounced healthy once again. No more drugs, no restrictions, life has returned to normal.

Thank you God, and thank you doctors, and thanks to all who prayed for me.

Sticks and Stones

January 12, 2011

Remember when, as children,  if other children were saying mean or hurtful things our mothers would tell us  “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us.”

It is a good saying.

It is not exactly true.  Hurtful words can have a lasting impact.  Hurtful words can inspire hurtful actions.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 18:21 that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

What we say to people has an impact on their lives.  It would be good to ask ourselves if our words are bringing life or death to the people who hear us.

Think before you speak.

This goes for politicians, celebrities, and everybody else.

Divided Congress

January 8, 2011

The Senate is controlled by the Democrats and the House is controlled by the Republicans.  One benefit of a divided congress is that in order to get anything passed it will be necessary to achieve some level of bi-partisanship.

That is not a bad thing.

It will be necessary to hammer out some common ground…or do nothing but argue for two years, which is unacceptable to everyone.  Congress will have to find a way to work together.  A shared goal and agreed path will have to be found.

Perhaps, having a divided congress will help to unite a divided country.

That would be a good thing.

A Reason to Smile

January 6, 2011

I just came from a meeting of the local Lions club, of which I am a member.  The speaker this week had recently returned from a years lay ministry opportunity at an orphanage in Rwanda.  He showed many pictures and told many stories about the boys and young men with whom he had worked, and lived amongst for a year.  In the pictures the boys were all smiling broadly.  The lives and situations that were described were difficult at best and tragic stories were common.

Why the smiles?

Each of the individuals pictured had something to smile about: a meal, a job, an opportunity for education, a friend…something.

Our speaker pointed out that our lives can be so blessed that we forget to appreciate all the things that we do have, that we sometimes grumble about perceived shortcomings, rather than enjoying the  simple things that we have taken for granted.

As I left, having eaten a good meal, to go back to a job that I enjoy, driving a van that is paid for, knowing that I will eat again this evening, sleep in a warm house tonight, and have many people in my life who love and care about me, I must admit that a smile crossed my face…just because for a moment at least I realized how I am blessed.