My Starting Point

I would like to take this opportunity to express my basic approach to understanding life.  I have three basic premises that provide the starting point for my understanding of all things.  I can support these premises, but they cannot be conclusively proven, they are accepted by faith.

Premise One – I exist.

This, of course, is borrowed from Renee Descartes’ famous line “I think, therefore I am”.  It was one of the first truths that I grasped when I first began to study philosophy many years ago.  It provides a starting point from which to construct an understanding of the world around me.

Premise Two – God exists.

The first premise leaves us in a quandary called the ego-centric predicament.  We are unable to identify a logical basis for believing in anything outside of our own minds.  We need to take a “leap of faith” to believe in the existence of something outside of ourselves.  I choose to place that faith in the existence of God.

Premise Three-The Holy Bible is the word of God to us.

The second premise needs something to bring understanding of the God in whom I place my trust.  That understanding is provided by the revelation of the Bible,  which in turn provides a basis of understanding which enables my perceptions  of the world to make sense.

From these three premises I endeavor to construct an understanding of life.  It has worked well for me for fifty years.  I continue to refine and develop my thoughts and beliefs from this starting point.

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