Is Christmas Pagan?

Over the years I have occasionally heard accusations that many Christmas traditions are rooted in non-Christian religions.

It’s true.

The Christmas tree, holly, mistletoe, yule log, and probably some other  Christmas traditions were  indeed part of non-Christian religions earlier in history.

When the church was expanding into Europe there were very popular mid-winter celebrations that entire communities had celebrated for generations.  It was very difficult to eliminate these traditions, so the Christian community incorporated them instead.  They were given new meanings as they became symbols used by a new faith.

I like to think of them as having been converted.

Yes, they were pagan, but they are Christian now.

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4 Responses to “Is Christmas Pagan?”

  1. Lavender Says:

    Christmas, Easter, even changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday; all part of Constantine’s religious-political power grab. That’s why I don’t get why Christians get so twisted out of sorts over all this stuff.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Celebrating the birth, and the resurrection of Jesus are certainly appropriate for Christians, regardless of the details of the origination of specific customs.

      Whether we worship on Saturday or Sunday does not really matter. The point would be that we do come together for worship.

  2. Gloria Says:

    I love the illustration you used one year on the lights on the tree.

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