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Could Be

December 2, 2010

In Bible study last night we were discussing the vision that Abraham experienced in Genesis chapter 15.  It involved the physical presence of dead animals, Abraham, vultures, and a dream of terror, with the appearance of an oven, or furnace and a smoking torch or lamp.

We had a good discussion of the possible meanings of the various elements involved in this story.  We did not arrive at a definite conclusion.  We recognized that there was a range of possibilities.  As each idea was examined we would recognize that it “could be”.  Even after dismissal, people continued to discuss the vision, with comments about checking a favorite authors interpretation.

The point is that we recognize that there are some things that we can strongly assert about the teachings of scripture, while there are other things that we would be wise to admit that it “could be’ something other than what we believe to be true.   The key is to recognize when to be dogmatic, and when to be flexible.