Retaliation is the Wrong Choice

Recently, a young man was arrested for attempting to set off an explosion during  a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon.

First, thank you to the good work of Homeland Security, and all other law enforcement agencies that participated in preventing this attack.  Great Job!!

Second, I would again want to remind us all that it is important that we not allow an escalation of hostilities.

There was a fire at an Islamic Center  in Corvallis, Oregon on Sunday.  Arson is suspected.  It seems likely that it was in retaliation for the failed bombing attempt.

The Bible clearly tells us to “Repay no one evil for evil.”  (Romans 12:17a)  By setting fire to this building we fan the flames of terrorism, giving radical Muslims a crime around which they can rally support for their ongoing activity.

Retaliation is against the teachings of Scripture.  It is against the law.  It is not effective in combatting terror.  It is the wrong choice of action.

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2 Responses to “Retaliation is the Wrong Choice”

  1. Steve Young Says:

    I remember when Timothy McVeigh bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, my knee jerk reaction was “Muslim Fundamentalists”-how wrong I was! It taught me an important lesson; people don’t need a religeous cause or political agenda to commit mass murder. Its a part of our nature. Our faith asks us to deny this homicidal tendency and seek peace and understanding. McVeigh’s attacks were retaliation for the Waco debacle, and the the murders committed by our government at Ruby Ridge. What would have happened if, at the time. our government had stepped forward and said “We were wrong”?

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      We do have to deny the urge to retaliate. It is not necessarily easy.

      Ruby Ridge was a disaster. An apology might have helped, or at least some honest dialogue on the matter.

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