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Examining The Faith

November 22, 2010

Why do we believe what we believe?

I believe that it is important to critically evaluate our religious practices and teachings.  By this I mean that we should think about what we believe, and about how we live.   We should be able to give a reason for the things that we believe, and say, and do.

Not everyone will have the time, or inclination to seriously probe our religious constructs.  Still it is important that  someone should, because people who are outside of the faith will challenge our conclusions with questions that we should be able to answer.

God is the source of ultimate Truth.  Our faith can stand up to rigorous examination because it is founded upon  that Rock.  The parts that fall away under critical review are the stubble and straw that accumulate over time.   The burning off of dross is a good thing that will result in a faith that is more pure.

That is a good thing.