Iowa’s Opportunity

Iowa has an opportunity on November 2nd to send a message to the judicial world.   Three of the judges responsible for gay marriage becoming a reality in Iowa are on the ballot this coming Tuesday.  If enough Iowans vote “no” on the ballot, these three judges will be removed from Iowa’s Supreme Court.  It will not repeal the law, but it would send the message that judicial activism will not be tolerated.  Why do I call the legalization of gay marriage an example of judicial activism?  Iowa became one of a handful of states to allow gay marriage, not because of legislative action, nor by a vote of the people, but because of the decision of the Iowa Supreme Court.  When something that was illegal for over one hundred and fifty years, becomes legal, by the decree of a small group of judges, that is judicial activism to me.

It should not be tolerated.


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4 Responses to “Iowa’s Opportunity”

  1. Steve Young Says:

    You are absolutely correct. I won’t comment on the religeous aspect of this debate, Curt; you’re far more qualified. From a secular point of view, the question is far more simple. The institution of marriage is a matter of public policy. There is no constitutional protection of marriage-instead, we as a society recognize the importance of maintaining a large, well educated middle class (a fundemental requirement of any democracy) and therefore offer special benefits to those who choose to raise the children who will populate that democracy in the future. The preamble to the constitution states that all men are created equal-through legislative choice, we have intstituted special protection against descrimination against certain defined categories of people; i.e the physically handicapped. This power of the people should never be usurped by a governmental body that is designed to interpret the law, not make the law.

  2. Gary Says:

    I believe you described most of what is going on now in politics. All driven by $$$$$, hunger for power, and disregard for the common good. Fire all of em.

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