Feathered Fireworks

There is a piece of art for sale on Ebay called Feathered Fireworks.  It is a painting that is the result of a chicken having its feet dipped in paint, and then allowing the chicken to roam around the canvas which was lying on the ground.  It is being auctioned for a charity.  It was over $500 Tuesday night.

I have previously said that art is an attempt by an artist to communicate through a chosen medium.  I may have to broaden my definition since I really don’t think the chicken is trying to tell us anything, and I hope that the artist isn’t letting a chicken do the talking!


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2 Responses to “Feathered Fireworks”

  1. Steve Young Says:

    This is an interesting issue (understanding that we’re able to do almost anything in the name of charity). A few years ago, there was a four year old little boy being heralded as an artistic genious for his “abstract” artwork-his parent were selling his “masterpieces” for thousands of dollars. I’m not much of an art critic, but it does serve the purpose of letting me know that my three year old is an artistic genious as well; her water colors are at least as abstract as the little boys(College tuition, here we come!). I remember back in the eighties, I had several friends who rode Harleys, while I always rode foreign bikes. My bike was always inexpensive, reliable, powerful, and relatively quiet; theirs was expensive, noisy, feeble, and leaked oil like a sieve-yet they were convinced that theirs was the superior machine. Why? Because someone else old them so. I guess the message is be careful who you listen to!

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      I have to wonder about the people who bought the art of the little boy. I wonder if they are still pleased with their purchase? Feathered Fireworks is actually kind of an interesting piece with a unique story. The proceeds are being used to buy playground equipment. (I think.)

      We do need to be careful who we listen to!

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