Over the River

World renown environmentalist artist Christo is proposing to cover sections of a forty-two mile stretch of the Arkansas river between Salida and Canon City with large pieces of fabric.  It would take many months to install, and would only be in place temporarily.  It has been in the planning stages for years.  It has broad support from people of the area who would benefit from the increased tourism, and jobs, during the construction and viewing stages.

I wonder about the environmental effects?  How can you deprive such a large area of natural sunlight for this length of time without ill effect?  What about the act of construction?  The project is currently undergoing an environmental impact study before it will be able to proceed.

I hope they know what they are doing.


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4 Responses to “Over the River”

  1. Susan Says:

    That just makes me want to roll my eyes. How can any artistic addition of fabric be better than the masterpiece of the Master? Nonsense I say! Christo can stick to adorning man made structures with his art.

  2. clegyrboia Says:

    sometimes pieces of art in nature land art or site specific art can make people more aware of the beauty, an interacting of man and nature.

    I do not know how he is going to cover it will there be caps and what kind of material he will use. If there are caps and the material is light than enough sunlight can still come through to maintain a healthy balance for life under the construction. As this has been in the media for a bit i am sure they will look at all aspects.

    we must not forget it will be temporary

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