Burning Korans on 9/11

Terry Jones, the pastor of Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville,  Florida, is planning on burning a pile of Korans on September 11, 2010.

He has the right to do so.  This is a free country.

It is a really bad idea.

The Muslim world will be united in their condemnation of this event.  Radical Muslims may use this event as a rallying point in their hatred of America.  It is likely to inspire some form of retaliation that will be directed at people who had nothing to do with the event.  Moderate Muslims will be pushed towards extremism.  At the very least, they will be more sympathetic towards those  who would promote violence.  Even liberal Muslims will be angry and offended.  The Koran is very sacred to all Muslims.

There is nothing in this action that will contribute to peaceful co-existence.  We should be looking for ways to reduce violence, not taking actions that will almost certainly provoke violence.

The Bible tells us to seek to live peaceably with all men.  Not to repay evil with evil, but rather to overcome evil with good.  ( see Rom 12:17-21)

We should pray for Terry Jones to change his plans.  I don’t think that he will listen to reason, or to the threats, or verbal abuse of  people.  Sadly, he probably thinks that he is doing the will of God.  I pray that God will speak to his heart before it is too late.

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32 Responses to “Burning Korans on 9/11”

  1. Christina Cronk Says:

    I agree, this is a terrible idea and sends a message of hatred when we should be sending one of love.

  2. Duane Moraine Says:

    Curt: That Apostle Paul in Acts 19 caused so much trouble. Where was the peace, understanding and co-existance? “Practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them…so the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed.” Wisdom as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is a free country, the Muslims have no trouble with not only burning Bibles, but burning Christian believers. Christians do not burn Muslims nor do any recommend such things. This is our culture, based upon the values of the Bible. Is their planned action an insult? Yes. Would I do it? No. But our sympathies should lie with those who hold to our traditions, our Bible and our concerns that they, the Muslims, are waging war agaionst Christians, Jews, Israel and the United States. Us. My heart does not go out to those who do such a burning. But perhaps the early, NT church really understood the impact the Gospel should have on the culture? Duane

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      There is a difference between burning your own magical books as an act of rejection and burning books that are dear to someone else. Our culture is based on freedom of religion. Perhaps some Muslims have come here hoping for safe harbor since there is religious persecution of many types in other countries. We should also remember not to judge an entire group by the actions of a portion of the group. I certainly don’t want to be judged by the actions of those who blow up abortion clinics.

  3. Steve Young Says:

    It would be wise for us to remember the last great book burners-Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, and how differently they were treated by history and our government. Hitler committed suicide hours beforre his inevitable capture by the advancing Russian forces. Anyone remotely connected to his “Ultimate Solutiion”, the murdering of six million Jews, was tried, convicted, and sentenced, either to death or lengthy prison terms. Stalin was responsible for the death of over twenty million innocent people-the Russians very nearly lost the war because Stalin executed his most talented and experienced military leadership out of fear of being found strategically incompetent, yet no war crime trials were ever held for these atrocities, no documentaries were filmed to catalogue these heinous crimes. The result? A “cold” war lasting nearly fifty years, costing thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. The point is when we don’t stand up for our principles, there is a real, and often dire cost. Jones is excercising his right of freedom of expression under the First Amendment of the Constitution, but that doesn’t mean what he’s doing is right. I hope there will a huge RIGHTEOUS outcry that reults in a change of heart for Jones-that would be doing the RIGHT thing.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      There is a connection between book-burning and murder, but it is a pretty big jump. I believe that the right thing to do is to pursue peace, by not repaying evil with evil, but overcoming evil with good.

  4. Duane Moraine Says:

    Curt: An interesting article on Polycarp in the new edition of Enrichment, page 10. Making a stand against Islam is needed in this free land. Our stand should be based upon the truth. The compromise expected by the Muslims is to open the door for Shria law for them. Burning the Koran may not be a good idea because the extremist Muslims will be out to get even. But our culture is not listening to those who speak of our history, our Biblical roots, and our resistance to the extreme positions of Islam. Why would this church and pastor do such a thing? To get people to listen and think. I would not do it, at this point, but it is their right to do so. The moderates will not help us in this cultural confrontation. Lukewarm responds to the pressures of the prevailing strength. The Lukewarm are influenced by the liberal education, liberal media, and liberal churches that will all end up in bowing to Islam. Duane

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Peaceful co-existence is not compromise.

      • Duane Moraine Says:

        Curt there is no “peaceful coexistnce” with Islam. I am for living peacefully with all people. That isnot the larger point. Islam is invading our culture. Government and even schools are showing preferences towards Islam that would never be accepted in our country for Christians. The news this morning revealed testing in New York that was so shaded in favor of Islam and against Christians that it made me ill to even hear about it. Islam means “submit.” Submission is the goal of all Islam, except for a very few who know that they cannot get by with oppression in this free society. But look what Islam has done and is doing in a desperately quiet and forgetful Europe. The Muslims will be in charge across Europe in my grandchildren’s lifetime. We are heading down the same road in this country. Christians do not need to burn the Koran, but we do need to be vocal, public, and aggressive in showing the very real contrasts between Islam and genuine Chriatianity. Is this offensive to some? Yes!. But the contrasts must be made. Again, I am not in favor of burning the Koran, but I am in favor of public, vocal and written expressions that will tell the truth to our people about the genuine evils of Islam. If that makes them angry, so be it. Why should we not be willing to confront on that level? There is no peaceful co-existanct with these people. Ask the Coptic church in Egypt, the Armenians from Turkey, the Christians in Lebanon and Eastern Africa countries, and on and on. Well, you got wht you enjoy, radical non-thinking responses from Duane. Have a great day in spite of my rantings.

      • Pastor Curt Says:

        You wrote “Christians do not need to burn the Koran, but we do need to be vocal, public, and aggressive in showing the very real contrasts between Islam and genuine Christianity.”

        I believe that this is a good response. We simply need to do a better job of proclaiming the gospel than the Muslims do of spreading Islam. It is also important to protect our freedom to let the light of Christ shine through our lives.

  5. Radical Conversationalist Says:

    Thanks so much for your post. I don’t understand WHY IN THE WORLD this guy thinks this is Godly or Christian. It’s just mean and disrespectful to Muslms.

    It makes me sad that conservatives – S Palin and others won’t speak up. I’m liberal but decency is not a partisan issue. sigh. We are living in scary time. Thanks, again.


    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Perhaps they do not want to see the social unrest in France and England spread to America.
      Perhaps they believe that a strong rejection is what is needed to stand against the spread of Islam.
      Perhaps they find that fanning the flames of emotionalism draws a bigger crowd than a quiet voice of reason and compassion.

      • Gordon Says:

        Dear Pastor,
        I am reading this in London. What is the ” social unrest in…England…” you refer to. There has been none so far. The Muslim population in London has increased from 500000 to 1 million in just a few short years. It is therefor noteworthy that there has been no unrest.
        The posting above by Duane Moraine is exactly reflective of life here in London too. All over the UK, Europe and the West, Muslims are rapidly out-breeding Christians. In this sense they are colonising the West. Our laws need to be changed so that, while preserving freedom of religion, a preference and protection is given to Christianity at civic level. If not, Sharia law will come to prevail.

      • Pastor Curt Says:

        Gordon, thank you for commenting. The unrest is not wide-spread, but has occasionally made our local newspapers. I was referring to stories that I have read regarding a Muslim protest at a homecoming parade of the Royal Anglican Regiment at Luton. This resulted in five men being arrested and spurred the creation of the English Defense League which seems to be causing the social unrest that I referred to in my earlier response. There was also something about a World Cup soccer match, but I do not remember the specifics.

        Christians should step up their evangelism…or have more children.

  6. Duane Moraine Says:

    Curt: Thanks for bringing up the subject. Good to think about and pray about before doing anything. Perhaps before saying or writing anything, too? Have certainly hit a soft spot with the subject. Duane

  7. Radical Conversationalist Says:

    I only come in peace. I am a Christian but I am perplexed why people are creating conflict where none exists. After Sept 11 George Bush said that Islam was a religion of peace – that was 10 years ago.

    Now, all of a sudden we are not only at war with terrorists who are Muslim, we are now suspicious of all who practice the religion – even though they are nice, peaceful people. I encourage you to learn more, please.


    • Pastor Curt Says:

      George Bush may say that Islam is a religion of peace, but there is a long history of violence in the Muslim world. That does not mean that all Muslims are prone to violence, but certainly there are many recent examples of violent acts in the name of Islam. The problem is that since Muslim terrorists operate covertly, suspicion is cast on all Muslims. How can you tell the violent from the non-violent?

  8. Radical Conversationalist Says:

    My previous post was directed @ Diane. Also, Islam meaning “submit” means submit to the will of God. Like with Christianity emphasizing obedience.

    @ Pastor Curt You said something I agree with: That Christians should be spreading the Gospel in a way that shows the love of God. It is sad to see so many high profile examples not doing that.

  9. Duane Moraine Says:

    Rad Conv: It is Duane, but Diane is a much nicer name. “Submit” means to the requirements of the Koran. That is the basic issue that started this whole thing. The Koran literally makes demands on all of us, and if we do not follow those things the Muslims have the responsibility to kill us. Could be why the misled pastor is burning the Koran. A visible protest against those requirements upon us and the Muslims. Not the answer, but it is understandable from a point of frustration. D_____

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      My understanding has been that to submit means to Allah. Of course, that would also imply submission to the Koran. In the same way that Christians disagree about the correct interpretation of the Bible, so Muslims disagree about the interpretation of the Koran. There are obviously some Muslims devoted to violence. However, I do not believe that the majority of Muslims believe that they have a responsibility to kill the infidel. In fact, some believe that Jews and Christians are “people of the book” and should be treated with respect.

      Anger and frustration can cause people to do, or say, things that they regret later.

      May the Holy Spirit guide our steps.

  10. Rodolfo Eddings Says:

    This is ridiculous.I’m a christian and this type of action should not be condoned, by his church members and larger christian groups.Seriously how can someone who preach the words of god can do such an ignorant thing?

  11. stereo headset reviews Says:

    Why is it that we here in America are the frist group the world thinks should back down from a disagreement with anybody? The rest of the world hates us and always so go get used to it. They burn our christians and bibles and our flag and yet we are told to always turn the other cheek so to speak.

  12. to build or to burn?? how about neither?? « Living Life in a Fish Bowl! Says:

    […] Should a small church in Florida burn the Koran on 9/11? (click here for Burning Korans on 9/11) […]

  13. Lars Hagen Says:

    Burning Quran’s Bad; Bibles Not So Much


    Roanoke Times, 9-8-10, Pg 1 & 16: Pastor of Pentecostal Church in Florida is resisting pleas to cancel the burning of Qurans on 9-11

    Many people of good will are pleading with Rev. Jones to not burn any Qurans.
    Apparently the mass media hype and notoriety have overcome the judgment of what should be a reasonable and prudent Christian person.

    It’s interesting that the past burning of Bibles has not caused a front page media stir no less an avalanche of public notice and notoriety including statements by the Commander of our troops and the Sec. of State. Why is that? After all, these people have already declared war (Jihad) against us and are killing our people as best they can.
    Even our politically correct (PC) history books are afraid to tell students that the Saracens that were confronted by Charlemagne were Muslims.

    Some bible burning examples we never heard about:
    Several high school students in Eritrea were locked up earlier this month ( Aug 2008 ) in metal shipping containers as punishment for protesting the burning of hundreds of Bibles.The students had objected when military authorities at Sawa Defense Training Center near Eritrea’s border with Sudan began burning more than 1,500 Bibles that were confiscated from new students enrolled in the upcoming academic year on Aug. 5, a source told the persecution watchdog agency Compass Direct News.

    Messianic Jews in Israel say they want an inquiry into the burning of hundreds of copies of the New Testament by Orthodox Jews in Or Yehuda last week ( May 2008 ).
    The books were given to the town’s Ethiopian Jews by the Messianic Jews, who believe in Jesus as a saviour.

    Based on the articles and editorials in The Roanoke Times it appears that burning bibles and marginalizing Christian icons does not disturb the sensibilities of the Editors and their liberal-progressive media associates.
    Apparently placating our Virtual-Muslim President and appeasing the Muslims he is bowing to is far more important that having a fair and balanced view and coverage of Christian religious transgressions. In fact the Editors publicly mock the concept of “Christ in Christmas” at every opportunity including their recent 9-3-10 editorial.

    Roanoke Times Embraces Islam; Christianity Not So Much

  14. rockwatching Says:

    Is “Dove World Outreach” about making peace or reaching and starting wars? This guy does more to inflame the hearts and minds of your critics than pretty well anything that I can think of. If he’s trying to help you loose your world-wide PR battle hes doing a good job. I wonder what the true cost of his lunacy will be?

  15. wakacje Says:

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