Chi Alpha @ CCC

I have been pastoring the same church since 1991.  I have been teaching at CCC since 1998.  This fall there is something new.  In a way, it is a combining of the two jobs that I have been doing for so many years.  This year we are hoping to start a Chi Alpha group at CCC.

Chi Alpha is a student ministry organization affiliated with the Assemblies of God.   Frequently Chi Alpha groups are led by individuals who act as campus missionaries, or pastors, on a full-time basis.  They raise their support from churches that support their vision of reaching out to the college students.

I am not becoming a full-time Chi Alpha worker, but none-the-less, will be working in campus ministries on a volunteer basis.

We are starting with a light schedule.  We will have bi-weekly meetings consisting of a time of sharing, a time of prayer and a time for Bible study and discussion.  We may have occasional outreach or fellowship activities as time and interest dictate.

At this time I have fulfilled the school requirements for a student group, except that I need a sufficient number of students indicating interest.  I have sign up sheets around the college and hope to have enough names shortly after classes begin in the fall.

I would appreciate your prayers as I begin this new endeavor.

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4 Responses to “Chi Alpha @ CCC”

  1. Gloria Says:

    For such a time as this……….. the time is right 🙂

  2. James Says:

    Tonya A. Sent me a link to this blog. I am a Chi Alpha missionary in Training. I am training down at Florida State University.

    It is really cool to meet other people who have a heart for college students. I cant imagine working as a pastor, professor and chi alpha director.

    I have a few friends starting/or working with XA on community colleges. It is a very different dynamic than larger schools. But students there need Jesus too!

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      James, Thanks for commenting. Actually, to me, the start-up of Chi Alpha is a natural combination of the two worlds of pastoring and teaching. The primary drawback is the limitations of time and energy that can be devoted to each endeavor.

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