Judging Judges

This November, in Iowa, three of the judges that made the decision to allow gay marriage in Iowa will be on the ballot.  The people of the state are given the opportunity to ratify their appointment, or not.  This is an opportunity to express how we feel about their work.  It will not change any laws, but it may send a message about what the majority of the  public thinks about their decision.  This could make a difference in what happens in other states.

The Iowa Supreme Court  created something new in our state by allowing gay marriages.  It is my opinion that the judges exceeded their authority.  I am glad that I will have the opportunity to express my opinion with my vote in November.

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2 Responses to “Judging Judges”

  1. Gloria Says:

    I found it quite interesting that for the first time ever the local paper did a little blurb on each of the three. Why oh why would they do that? Hmmm I think the judges might be a bit concerned.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Judges do not think that they have to answer to anyone. Our government does have checks and balances. A simple majority is all it takes to remove these judges from their positions. I don’t think that they ever thought of that possibility.

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