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The Common Good

August 23, 2010

Disasters often draw people together.  Survival and recovery are two goals that people facing a natural disaster have in common.  People of diverse backgrounds and beliefs can be drawn to work together once a common goal is recognized.

There are goals that should be able to unite us.  For example,  I would like to think that most people desire to be able to live in peace.  Force should be used only to restrain those who would perpetrate harmful acts.  Disagreements should be settled by other means than appealing to force.

I suspect also that helping people to avoid starvation is another goal that all but the most callous could agree to work towards together.  Whatever the political or religious beliefs of an individual, no one deserves to starve.   I believe that the world is capable of producing enough to sustain the people of the world.  It is the details of storage and distribution that hinder an ending of world hunger.

If the people of the world could focus their efforts in these two areas, it would be a different world.

We can start by changing the way that we talk with each other.  Instead of using rhetoric that divides people, and  inflames passions; that may result in  people acting motivated by anger instead of compassion: perhaps we can try to discuss our differences in a way that will promote peaceful resolution, rather than armed conflict.