Free to Offend?

There are currently plans to build a new Islamic Center a few blocks from where the twin towers stood.  This has resulted in an enormous amount of debate between two opposing camps.   One side: including the mayor of New York, and President Obama,  proclaims that American freedom declares that a building can be built anywhere if the local zoning allow that particular type of building.  They say that to deny the right to build because it is building designated as Muslim would be a restriction of religious freedom.  The opposing view is that it would appear to be a shrine risen to proclaim the victory of the jihadists that sacrificed their lives for their Muslim faith in the destruction of the towers.  As such, it would be offensive to a large majority of Americans.

I appreciate the ideological argument of freedom.  There is something to be said for taking the moral high ground.  Freedom is a very important part of our American culture.  We have lost enough freedoms lately.   Freedom should be preserved whenever possible.

On the other hand, the proposed center would clearly be offensive to many people.  It would not be well received, and could easily become a wedge causing additional division between Muslims and the rest of the American people.  We do not need another source of strife.

I do not think that the center should be built at its’ proposed location.

It is ideologically correct to grant permission in the name of freedom.

It would be even better, if the developers freely selected a different location for the sake of peace and goodwill.

If they do not voluntarily change their plans, then we must ask ourselves if freedom is worth the offensiveness of the center’s location?

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3 Responses to “Free to Offend?”

  1. pat kanneberg Says:

    It is also ideologically correct to Fight putting up the center ….IN the NAME of OUR FREEDOM of choice!!!! The whole purpose of the Muslim Center is to continue to create WEDGES in our country, to continue to stir up their hate for Americans, Christians, and our country. The future of the center will probably be in jeapardy, as seeing it, knowing it is standing, would always cause many people to think about how to destroy it, and the longer it is viewed, the thinking would lead to the act. Also my thoughts are ….the longer time we take to fight the building of the center, the longer it would not be built. I hope we can fight it for a hundred years!!! ……pat k.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      I am sure that the builders of the center would not acknowledge publicly that they are trying to create a wedge, or to offend anyone. Unfortunately, it will create a wedge, and it will offend, and it may lead to acts of terrorism, which would be wrong, and would lead to more trouble.

      I hope that they build it elsewhere.

  2. to build or to burn?? how about neither?? « Living Life in a Fish Bowl! Says:

    […] Should an Islamic center be built  close to the tragic 9/11 site? (click here to read Free to offend?) […]

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