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August 12, 2010

On Thursday August 5th,  ten members of a medical team doing humanitarian work in Afghanistan were murdered by the Taliban.  They were captured, accused of trying to convert people to Christianity, and of spying.  They were executed without  mercy and without trial.

They were Christian.  This is true.

It is claimed that they had Dari language Bibles with them.  This could well be true.

It is claimed that they had “spying gadgets”.  They probably had an assortment of electronic devices, probably associated with their medical work.

Did they deserve to die?  Absolutely not!!

They were aware of the risks associated with working in the area.  They had accepted those risks because of their love for Christ and for the Afghan people.  We are again reminded of the ruthless nature of the Taliban, and our need to pray for Christians around the world who may live, or work, in areas that are hostile to Christianity.

God will welcome these martyrs to their heavenly home.

We should pray for their families comfort, strength, and peace.

We should also pray that their executioners may come to repentance.

It remains to be seen, what will be the full  impact of their lives, and deaths, in the region, and around the world.