Leaking Oil

My first motorcycle was a 1979 KZ 750.  I had just been discharged from the Marine Corps and brought the bike back to Minnesota with me.  I was newly married and used the bike as a second means of transportation.  There was no garage where I lived, so it had to sit outside in all kinds of weather. 

I tarped it occasionally.

After a few years, I moved to Iowa.  The bike came with, but again, there was no garage, at first.

Finally we moved into a house that had a garage.

The roof leaked badly, and the garage itself did not warrant repair.  It was quite a few years before we were able to build a new one.

Through all the years, the bike would faithfully start-up each spring.  I did occasional necessary maintenance, but the poor bike was not treated well.

It looked bad, but still ran.

I purchased a different bike, and mentioned to my son that the kaw would go to the first person to give me a hundred dollars.

He gave me a hundred dollars.

That was not what I had in mind.

The bike went off to a friend of mine who did a lot of work on it to make it more dependable for my son who took it back to Minnesota when he went to college.

He rode it up there for two years, putting quite a few miles on it, as his girlfriend lived forty miles away.

Last fall it came back home to Iowa.  It is time for some more TLC.  It is leaking oil from a few places, some of the leaks are pretty bad.  I now have the parts that I need, and hope to get it repaired in time for the 4th of July. 

A friend of mine has often commented that the continuing life of this motorcycle is evidence of the power of prayer.

I could use your prayers the next week or so.

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