How Did You Sleep?

“How did you sleep?”  My father-in-law would ask.

“Lying down”  I would reply.

Early in my married life this exchange would take place each morning when we were visiting the in-laws.  I never really understood why my father-in law would ask the question.  It seemed odd to me at the time.  I didn’t always get as much sleep as I would like, but I always slept good.

Now that I am older I understand the question.  There are some nights that I don’t sleep well.  Either my mind is too active, or my body is too sore, or there may be no known reason, but sleep is sometimes elusive.  I now appreciate the value of a good nights sleep, and so I now understand the question.

How did you sleep?

(Oddly enough, my son asked me that very question, just this morning.)


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2 Responses to “How Did You Sleep?”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    and what was your reply?

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