Our President’s Choices and Values

President Obama was associated for many years with a church in Illinois whose pastor has been recorded denouncing America.

Since moving to Washington, the president has decided not to attend church services, citing difficulties for secret service protection details.

This spring he decided that the White House would not formally participate in the National Day of Prayer, for the first time in years.

Yesterday, he chose to send the Vice President to Arlington National cemetary for the Memorial Day services, instead of going himself.  He was scheduled to appear in Illinois, but the event was rained out.

I suppose that I would rather have him openly aloof to religious observances as opposed to pretending it is important to him.

I concede that his choice to delegate the traditional Memorial Day appearance to the vice president does not make him unpatriotic.

These things do not destroy his ability to govern.

They do make me uneasy, and I don’t like it.

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4 Responses to “Our President’s Choices and Values”

  1. JaCi Waldorf Says:

    The Obama administration has been doing a lot of things that make me uneasy. Like trying to introduce a new “international” order.

    Obama has also lied to the people many times. The promises he made during his campaign have already been broken.

    It seems politicians will say just about anything to gain the trust of the people.

    I try to be optimistic, but I have a feeling the worst is NOT ‘behind us’ as the president has said.

  2. Ben Hoffman Says:

    What about Bush’s business ties to the bin Laden family? That barely raised an eyebrow with you right-wingers.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Thank you for stopping by, and for your comment, although it is a classic “red herring”. Your comment isn’t about President Obama’s choices and values at all, merely an attempt to redirect attention to another matter.

      As I recall, Osama bin Laden has gone a different path from the majority of his family. Osama is a terrorist. That does not make the rest of his family terrorists.

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