A Light in the Darkness

On one of my last field exercises before getting out of the Marine Corps, we were planning an early morning movement of the company.  We were operating under light and sound discipline.  That meant that we were not supposed to have any unnecessary light, or make any unnecessary sounds.  It was early in the morning, way before sunrise.  I dropped down between tanks, that were parked side by side, and fired up a small, portable, single burner stove that tankers carried on their vehicles, since we were often far from any source of hot food.  I placed my canteen cup over the flame and shielded the light as best I could with my body, and the vehicles.  Soon, I heard my platoon commander, whose tank was about twenty five yards away,  whisper loudly, and urgently, “Sgt. Girod”  …  I pretended not to hear him.  It was still pitch black, I couldn’t see him; and positioned where I was, he could not have seen me, but he saw enough of the light.  He sent a crewman running over to tell me to extinguish the light.  I immediately complied.

Besides, my water was already hot.  My morning coffee was ready.

The light that I had made shone brightly in the darkness.  I really could not effectively hide it from those nearby.  Actually, light can be seen for a great distance in the darkness, and if it had been a real movement, not simply an exercise, I would never had lighted the stove. 

Jesus is the light of the world and Christians believe that Jesus dwells in their hearts by the Holy Spirit.  It is important that we allow the light of Christ to shine forth in our lives.  Our actions, words, and our attitudes should all reflect the light of Christ.

That is even more true if we find ourselves in a dark place surrounded by evil, tragedy, or difficulty.  Let the light of Christ shine even more brightly in that day.

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4 Responses to “A Light in the Darkness”

  1. Gloria Says:

    risking attack from the enemy all for the sake of coffee — tsk tsk

    risking attack from the enemy all for the sake of the lost — bravo!!

    great illustration!!!

  2. tjalexander Says:

    this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…

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