The Goal of War

Sitting next to our computer is a brass casing from a 105mm tank round.  No, I did not steal it.  I served in the USMC back in the eighties as a tank crewman and one day we were given instructions to use up the remaining brass rounds that were on hand.  Our company commander then authorized us each to keep one of the casings as a souvenir.  That was many years ago, but I still have one in my possesion.

It is visually contradictory, because we have a bouquet of artificial flowers stuffed into the top. 

I read a great quote the other day, “The goal of war is a just peace.”  and I suppose that my unusual flower stand could be used as a symbol of that statement.  The round is spent. It is no longer a threat or a danger, yet it is a reminder of a past reality.  The flowers that are supported by it currently, are a present beauty.

My hope, and prayer for our returning troops, and for the countries now in conflict, is that a time of peace will come, and that beauty may be restored, both to individual lives, and to whole countries.

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2 Responses to “The Goal of War”

  1. donnieshortpants Says:

    War is politics by other means. When all reasonable negotiations have failed, then war becomes negotiation by other means. Because war is so terrible it is tempting to think that it never solves anything, but it does solve problems that may not be able to be solved otherwise. A good example would be WWII. . Negotiation and appeasment were futile in stemming Hitler’s ambitions. War did solve that problem, however, as so often happens, the war created other problems. It is also tempting to believe that war is always immoral and never justified. Also not true. The “Just War” theory has a Judeo-Christian basis and provides a moral justification for war under certain prescribed circumstances. I think that a world where there is no war is probably a naive utopian dream. I served as a crewman on a 155mm Howitzer in the sixties. Never did get a 155 casing as a souvenir. God Bless

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Thanks for commenting. My post is not directed against the occasional need for war, but the hope for peace and healing for countries after conflict; and for the individuals who have experienced the horrors of war.

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