Live the Dream

I believe that we are given the freedom to choose our actions within the natural limits of our circumstances.  If we are not happy with our lives we have the ability to dream, to think,  to choose, and to act.

We dream about what we would like to see different in our lives.  What do we want to see different in our future in comparison with our present?  Dreams have no boundaries.  We can dream about whatever we would like to be true.  It’s our dream, and we can dream about anything that is real, or unreal, possible or impossible.   Our dreams are limited only by our imagination.  Dreaming can be a good thing.  It can provide motivation to propel us into action.  Dreaming can also be a bad thing because we do not live in a dream world but in a world of reality.   Are we living the dream?  Or are we dreaming about living?

If we want to live the dream we must sort out our dreams and determine what dreams are achievable in our real world of limitations.  Now, if we do not want to stay in our current situation, if we want to change, we must think of a way to make our dreams become our reality.

We must choose what we truly want, and what we are willing to do to make those desires become a reality.  It is important to think clearly and to choose well.  This process can, and should be, reviewed regularly.

It is also important that we recognize that the only factors that we can truly control are our own actions and attitudes.  If our dreams are dependent on the actions of others, then we must recognize that we do not have that ability. (Although many try, and to some degree, are successful in controlling others, that is not the point of this article.)   We must learn to control our own lives if we wish to see change.

This process does not have to be done by ourselves.  If we ask God to guide our dreams, thoughts, choices and actions, then God will help us by the presence of His Holy Spirit in our lives.  If we are seeking to be conformed to His will, then His power will work in, and through us, and we can be much, much more than we could possibly be on our own.

 So we dream, think, choose, and act; to make our dreams become our reality.

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2 Responses to “Live the Dream”

  1. Ashish Sharma Says:

    Hi this is something very interesting and deeply logical. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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