Find a Way

The  health care bill has passed.  History will judge whether or not this is a good thing.  Our country is divided on yet another issue.  That is not good.  We have debated, argued, campaigned, and struck deals.  Now it is time to move forward.  It is time to let the dust settle and seek to obtain some measure of stability and unity.  It is time to reassert a basic sense of commonality.  We want our country to be united in a quest for the common good.  Many of us do not like the decision, but that doesn’t mean that we want it to fail.  Now that the bill has passed, let’s find a way to make it work.

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4 Responses to “Find a Way”

  1. Duane Moraine Says:

    “Can’t we all just get along,” was said by someone who had
    no real desire to “get along.” Those who have rammed this health bill through have done so bending traditions, rules, and even the Constitution in order to buy votes, increase government controls, and redistribute the wealth of Americans. Big government leaning strongly towards socialism is what we have gotten out of this thing. I have no desire to capitulate to those overthrowing our history. As you know, there was a very large number of ordained ministers involved in the Constitutional Convention that formed our democratic republic. It is the liberal bend in the pulpits across our land that have refused to stand for our historical and biblical values. No this thing is not over. Frankly, I am afraid that you have been influenced by the liberalism which seems to be prevailing on the college campus, and in the mainline pulpits of our country. Europe is not our model for government, church, nor health care. Now is the time to take a fresh stand against the trends. No compromise.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Political liberalism, and theological liberalism are not the same thing. I view the current situation, as I would view a dispute on a board, or in a church. It is always best to work toward consensus. In the church, we have the essential unity of the Word and the Spirit. Even so,sometimes consensus is not possible.

      In politics we have differing ideologies, not everyone has the Spirit, nor accepts the Word. I encourage debate, but once a decision is made, let us move forward, unless our conscience will not allow cooperation.

      My theology directs my life, and influences my politics. My politics will never direct my theology.

  2. Duane Moraine Says:

    I waited to respond to your response. My theology directs my lilfe and influences my politics. My conservative theology is not negotiable, and my conscience will not compromise. You are wrong about liberal politics and liberal theology not being the same thing. The reality is that liberal politics are initially found in the influence in liberal theology. That expanded into socialism, and thus there is little difference between theological liberalism and political liberalism. Look at the parallel between liberalism in the modern education and liberalism in the mainline liberal churches. Look at the agreement between the liberal churches and the political socialists on the left. They agree on almost every significant level: abortion, illicit drugs, homosexuality, redistribution of wealth, free speech, definition of marriage, pornography, evolution, etc. Liberal theologians are in the same corner with the liberal politicians. Both groups are a major threat to the church and our national and historical foundations. I am ready for the debate, and though I believe that you want to do what is correct, you are incorrect in your assessment of these issues. Now, I know that this site is not really for this kind of discussion. It is really a forum for your “whispers.” I do not want to make you an enemy through this issue. Further I believe that you are a good man that has made many significant quality decisions to follow God’s call on your life. I respect your intellect, efforts at fairness, reasoned responses, and your love for God. You are above reproach and worthy of much respect for all of your efforts. I do not wish to cast a negative cloud upon a man of your accomplishment, and I do wish you the very best. Duane

    • Pastor Curt Says:


      First, let me say that this blog is a fine place for a debate. My only request is that it remain civil. Your response was certainly appropriately delivered and deserves an answer.

      I agree that liberal theology, liberal politics, and liberal educational philosophies have often been intertwined. That it is common for an individual to subscribe to all three is probably true.

      I believe that it is possible for someone to hold conservative theological views and still support certain aspects of liberal politics, or educational philosophies. For example, although I, myself, opposed the health care reform bill that was just passed, I believe that good Christian people, in good conscience, could have supported it, especially after the concessions made regarding federal funding of abortion.

      The primary purpose of this particular post was a call for unity. My concern is that “a house divided against itself, cannot stand”. I am concerned that we will become so focused on our disagreements, that we will forget to stand united i any common cause, for we will no longer see the basic unity, but only the divisions.

      I am also concerned about the ugly nature of some of the protests. I recognize that there are serious differences in our approach to the challenge of health care, but neither throwing a brick through a window, nor calling a congressman a racial slur, are acceptable responses. It is appropriate, if one feels led to do so, to support legitimate attempts to repeal, or amend the legislation, and certainly to vote in November, but let’s put down the bricks and use better language.

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