The official start of spring is still a few weeks away, but it is finally starting to warm up here in Iowa.  The snow is melting, the sun is shining and the attitudes of people everywhere are starting to improve. 

I am wondering if today will be the first day on the motorcycle?  I am also thinking about breaking out the bicycle, and perhaps, running outside once more.  It has been months.  (Years ago, I ran outside all winter long, but I have had too many injuries over the years to my joints to risk running on snow and ice for no good reason. )

Winter is coming to an end.  I know that there may still be a snowflake or two, but clearly the end is drawing nigh.

It is a reminder to me of the changing seasons of our lives.  This time I am not thinking of our aging, so much as our temperament, and our experiences.  Our moods can go through stages; times when we are feeling somewhat bleak, but those will end.  Spring will come.  Things will change.  There may be circumstances that have produced stress.  There may be challenges and obstacles to overcome.  These too, will change. Situations will be resolved.  We can have hope that life will get better.  This is especially true for Christians, who believe that God is with them.  We  know that the winter seasons of life will be followed by spring. 

So hang in there folks, spring is coming; both outside…and inside.

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8 Responses to “Springtime!”

  1. Erik Smith Says:

    I have just moved here in clinton iowa this december and in january my father flew out from California to visit me. He grew up in places like florida and california and had never in his life seen as much snow as there was here then. He was shocked that a town can even function with as much as a foot and a half of snow on the ground. And I must admit that after a couple weeks of it being -14 degrees outside, 39 degrees feels like summer.

  2. Cherie Bell Says:

    Reminds me of one of my favorites passages:

    See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone.
    Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. SS 2:11, 12

  3. LisaB Says:

    As Christians we always have the hope of things getting better, yet at the same time, we’re not garunteed that it will on this side of life. Everytime I hear a comment like that I think of John the Baptist who pretty much lived his life wild but in God’s service, he had the greatest privelege in baptizing Jesus, but then still ended up in jail and beheaded on the whim of some chick. That doesn’t sound “better” to me. Yet at the same time I have no doubt where he’s spending his eternity.

    I think of Stephen and all the other martyrs that were doing their best to get the message out to people whom they believed desperately needed to hear it, fully believing they’re helping them toward a better eternity with it, yet Stephen was stoned for it and that seems almost nicer than the deaths some of the others ended up with. Have to admit that doesn’t sound “better” to me either, yet I’ve no doubt they’re probably kicked back with John right now and I could almost envision a ‘toon of them with one of them looking down saying something like “Look at that poor fool! Giving up all of this over THAT little tiny issue!”

    We’re told that we WILL have troubles, trials, persecution, tribulation. No smooth sailing promises, not even necessarily even happy ending promises on this side of things. That doesn’t sound “better” to me either. We have to have faith in the better later. Faith is easier said than done. Faith is something you can’t fake, yet just a little faith can go such a long way. An eternity of “better” later definitely beats a few momentary highs now on this side of life but when this side of life is all a person really knows or understands is it any wonder that such encouragement can sound like mockery to the one who’s faith is struggling, especially with so many dire predictions for the end times thrown in with the mix. “Do not weary of doing good for in due season you shall reap what you sew if you do not faint” (or something like that. I’m sure that those who are familiar with what I’m trying to quote there know what I’m talking about and those who don’t…look it up in the Bible. The gist of that is in there.)
    No doubt the amount of comfort one draws from that may correlate to the amount of faith one puts into the truth of it and the state of their heart in the point of the struggle they are dealing with when they hear it.

  4. Gloria Says:

    I am reminded of Paul and how even in the midst of horrible situations he was singing and rejoicing. Our joy is not determined by what is going on but by who is in charge and our confidence in Him. God has a way of working things out. For me ‘spring’ is so much more about my attitude towards what is going on.

    Yet even when my attitude is right and my hope is strong I am reminded that joy comes in the morning and sometimes the night is long. Yet my hope waits on the Lord in the hope of His promise, in the hope of His promise my deliverance will come. Like a night watchmen waiting for the coming of the dawn.

    One final note Helen Steiner Rice had it right when she penned “This too shall pass”

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