The movie Avatar finally came to our local theatre and my wife and I went to see it last Friday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and will try to get to see it again when it is in a nearby IMAX.  I am sure that it will be highly entertaining.

It should be noted that it presents, in a very favorable light, a philosophical view called “deep ecology”.   This view suggests a very stong, living, connection between all things on the planet, especially living things.  It is a common feature of nature-based religions.  The native religion plays a major role in the movie, and so, even though the movie is obviously fictional, the similarities between the religion in the movie, and actually practiced religions, can result in an increased interest in nature based religions.

That is good news if you are seeking to promote nature based religions such as Daoism, Native American Spirituality, and Wicca.

Not so good, if you are seeking to promote Christianity.


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11 Responses to “Avatar”

  1. Relentless Says:

    Guess I might see it. I certainly have no interest in promoting Christianity.

  2. Duane Moraine Says:

    So, I wonder how many of the nature based religion adherants will attend our Christian movies and support that industry? I know that you are a professor, need to understand the culture, and consider logical challenges to this new cultural iconic movie. Think of when the church had more influence on the values of our land. The church did not support the corrupt movie industry. I know that you have a heart for the Lord, and desire no compromise in values. But isn’t this really giving permission and endorsement of an industry that is bankrupt of our traditional values? This is not a condemnation just serious questions that I have myself. I do appreciate your whispers.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Duane, you raise a serious question about how Christian’s use their time and their money to support an industry that, for the most part, tears down the belief systems that we try to build, and that we hold dear. It would be more consistent if we ceased to attend movies, watch television, and otherwise removed ungodly influences from our lives. The potential problem is that we might lose our ability to connect with our neighbors on a human level, thereby reducing our ability to communicate the gospel.

      It is something to think about.

  3. JaCi Waldorf Says:

    I loved Avatar! Just saw it about a week ago also, thought I was the last one on the country to see it – guess not! 🙂

    Instead of religion, I felt that the idea of truth was being promoted, which is something most religions share. And I think it’s important to note that even if Christianity isn’t “nature based”, creationism is. From this movie, even Christian families should be able to take the lesson of appreciating and honoring the planet that was created for them in inhabit.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      I can see clearly the connection with the religious teaching. Truth? I will have to think about that for a while before I respond more fully.

      • Pastor Curt Says:

        I believe that God created the earth and that humanity was instructed to care for it. Only humans, however, are said to be created in the “image of God”, which gives them a different status from the rest of the natural world.

        There is a difference between the God of nature, God in nature, and nature as god. Traditional Christianity teaches the God of nature concept.

        As to truth, certainly in the movie, there was much deception. There is also the question of who are we, really. The answer seems to be that what we are on the inside, is what ultimately counts. I can accept that as good.

  4. Gloria Says:

    When the movie first came out I had no interest in seeing it. Then there was all the hype. Personally it was a disappointment to me. I even managed to fall asleep during part of it – which is something I frequently do at home but hardly ever do in the theater.

    This is the second movie I have seen recently that uses mind control on a remote body. Not impressed. Of the last 4 movies I have seen there is only one that I would recommend and that is Blind Side.

  5. registry repair Says:

    Script – None. The pattern could have been written by anybody, who has seen the standard action flicks. First few minutes, we get the direct explanation about what, where, who and why. And you know this type of explanation, right? Actors talking to each other and explaining the situation, like they never met before. The lecture from Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi) given to Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver, why?) in their first dialog raised my palm to my face. The intellect of the audience has been lowered down again. Then standard romantic part with a twist in second part, the main character is obviously the chosen one, because some force says so and of course we have a baddie from the army and the stupid leader who just wants money too. The aliens win the final battle and the lead character becomes one of them. Duh.

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