Not In A Hurry

I was at the gym yesterday.  (I do go more than once a week, you know.)  There was a young mother there, pushing her baby around the track in a stroller.  In an attempt at humor, I commented to her that I wish my laps around the track were as easy as his, as I pointed at her baby.  Of course, I was remembering my run from Monday that had been particularly difficult. 

Later, I thought about what I had said, and have decided that I didn’t mean it.  There may come a time when my ability to run around the track comes to an end.  I may someday be reduced to walking.  There may come a time, should Jesus tarry, and I live long enough, when I will be only able to go around the track being pushed in a wheelchair. 

I am definitely not in a hurry for that!

One of the reasons that I excercise is to be able to continue to enjoy a healthy, active  lifestyle.  I am hoping to continue in that pattern for as long as possible.   I am aging, and will try to accept the natural changes of life, but everything that I have read and heard, tells me that the bodies God gave us can continue to do quite well, if we take care of them.

I will do what I can to take care of mine.


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4 Responses to “Not In A Hurry”

  1. camdenstables Says:

    Thanks for the post. It is easy to think about quitting as we increase in age but I sure to not want to go out sitting down- unless it is on the back of a horse or on the drive home from a sanctioned race. Our spiritual life is very enhanced by a healthy body and mind.

  2. bajagypsy Says:

    Thanks for this post! I wish I had come across it sooner. I have been struggling with some right leg/hip issues since January 2010 that, for months, put my twenty miles a week down to nothing at all. I tried everything under the sun to solve the problem, including strengthening, chiro, rest… I was devastated, baffled, and angry. Eventually, I figured out I could manage the pain, and avoid worsening my condition, by running less frequently, avoiding hills, and adding walk breaks. But I was so angry I chose not to run at all. Lately I have been trying some new things and easing back into it, walk breaks included. Running most of the time is something I am now incredibly thankful for!

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      I didn’t run at all for about ten years. Running on concrete sidewalks badly affects my joints, so I stay on the indoor track, or on the gravel shoulder as much as possible. I also increase my distances very slowly.

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