In His Presence

Back in the seventies I played percussion in a gospel group called the Christian Life Singers.  I had the opportunity to play in a wide variety of places over the three years that I was with them.  I even had the chance to play with some recording artists at a couple of concerts.  I greatly enjoyed all of those experiences.

As it turned out, I entered the ministry as a pastor, who happens to also be a musician, as opposed to specializing in music ministry.  So, for going on twenty years, I have played as a part of the worship team of a small church, in a small town. 

Last night as we were worshipping the Lord through music, I had a revelation.  I imagined that I was playing in the throne room of God.  Instead of the small group of believers who were gathered, I thought of the presence of Almighty God, not as if He was in our presence, but as if we were in His.

What a difference that made in my appreciation of that worship experience!  I was playing In His Presence, and it was wonderful.  For years, I have quoted the verse “Wherever two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”, but the idea of my being In His Presence, was somehow, more inspiring.

How different would our worship be, if each of us thought of ourselves as worshipping in the throneroom of God?  Of worshipping In His Presence?     

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3 Responses to “In His Presence”

  1. Luke Says:

    I hate it when my hands get cold especially my fingers. tell me what muscle atrophy,memory, and muscles are.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Luke, Did you leave your comment on the wrong site?

      • Pastor Curt Says:

        Luke, after speaking with you this morning, I thought that I would respond to your comment.

        Muscles are the part of our bodies that produces movement.

        Muscle memory is when we have trained our muscles to do a certain task so that we are able to perform that task without thinking.

        Muscle atrophy is when we have not used our muscles for their intended purpose and conseqeuntly, they slowly lose their ability to function.

        The application of this comment to this post is that our spirit’s openness to the presence of God must be exercised. We slowly develope our ability to sense the presence of God. It can become habitual. We can lose the ability if we don’t use it.

        It was good to speak with you today.

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