On the wall near our computer is a hand carved wooden plaque that my sister brought back as a gift from Africa.  It has the word “Karibu” in the center.  If I remember correctly, it basically means “welcome”.

I hope, and believe that we are, a church that welcomes people who visit us.  I am reminded of how important that characteristic is by the stories my son tells me of visiting churches in the new community where he now lives.  In some of the churches that he visited, he was barely greeted, then ignored.  Whether it was a large church, or a very small church, it didn’t necessarily matter.  Even after attending several times in succession,  he did not feel welcomed to most of the churches that he visited. 

I was amazed, and appalled at his story.  I sincerely hope that we do a better job of making people feel welcome when they visit our church.  I hope that “Karibu” is not just a sign on my wall, but an attitude that we express by our words and our actions.


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