Shoveling Snow or Cutting Grass?

I sometimes wonder which is worse, shoveling snow or cutting grass?  They are both chores that need to be done in their proper seasons.  There are quite a few differences of course.  Shoveling snow is done in the cold.  Cutting grass is done in the heat.  Shoveling snow can vary greatly depending on how much, and what kind of snow.  Cutting the grass can vary, but is more consistent.  Shoveling snow needs to be done within twenty-four hours of snowfall, which can be very inconvenient.  Cutting grass can be scheduled, as long as it isn’t raining.  Shoveling can be done any time, day or night.  Cutting the grass,  should be done during daylight, and not too early!

I have lived in Iowa for nineteen years now.  The winters are more mild than those in Minnesota where I grew up.  In past years, my comparison of these two chores has resulted in favor of shoveling snow being the preferred chores, primarily because it does not have to be so frequent.

This year I’m not so sure.  Maybe it is because I’m getting older.  Maybe it’s just been a year with a lot of snow.  Maybe it’s because other people volunteer to cut the grass at church, but I have the privilege of shoveling the snow.

I am re-evaluating my comparison of these two chores.

What do you think?

Oh, by the way, they are predicting more snow this weekend!


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6 Responses to “Shoveling Snow or Cutting Grass?”

  1. LisaB Says:

    You forgot a few comparisons.

    If you’re shoveling, as opposed to snowblowing, shoveling is a whole lot quieter than mowing.

    Generally speaking, there is typically a whole lot smaller area to shovel than there is to mow, however, most mowing in larger lawns usually affords the opportunity to sit and ride around on the lawn mower as opposed to tedius push mowing and trimming which is more comparable to the hefting of shoveling which, if one isn’t careful, could involve the risk of slipping, falling, and throwing out one’s back.

    If you know somebody with a plow blade who doesn’t mind helping you out that cuts down the shoveling area considerably. Unless it’s flooded or something (which creates a different mess) there isn’t much that will cut down the mowing area beyond development.

    You may or may not get a sunburn mowing where as you can pretty much count on a runny nose eventually during and often after shoveling. (That would stink even more if you ever considered getting a nose piercing during winter I would think.)

    You might get blessed with a pleasant weather day to do the mowing in. It’s always cold when it comes to shoveling which makes the working-up-a-sweat factor all the more interesting to have to deal with.

    You always have extra layers to have to try to pile into and out of when it comes to shoveling which may involve the added time necessary to find the hat or glove and then you gotta hope that none of it sprung a leak rendering their purpose null and void. Chances are whatever you mow in won’t require as many layers and items to find and you typically don’t have to worry about, for instance, your gloves being too wet still from the previous venture out.

    Now shoveling does afford the occassional added perk of spontaneous snowball fights, fort building, and supplying material to young sculptors for the snowman. Not sure how much spontaneous fun can erupt out of mowing especially since the only possibilities that come to mind would likely get spouses and neighbors rather upset with you and most likely defeat the purpose of trying to make the lawn look nice which is a huge part of the goal of mowing.

    You typically don’t have to worry about the extremely unpleasant sudden discovery of a bunny nest still occupied with offspring when shoveling as can happen with mowing. Nor are you as likely to come across unexpected snakes and angry wasp nests.

    Another plus to shoveling over mowing, NO GNATS OR MOSQUITOS swarming or biting. (Just biting cold is all but that will go away once you get back into warmth.)

    Just thought I’d mention them as long as you’re doing some comparing.

  2. Gloria Says:

    I prefer mowing because it doesn’t kill my back. Oh wait — I usually don’t do either 🙂

  3. Erik Smith Says:

    I submit the idea that the lesser of two evils depends on whether or not you own a self propelled lawn mower :p

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