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Spiritual Diet

February 4, 2010

You do not lose weight by indulging the appetite!

This is the thought that occurred to me recently.  My wife and I are both dieting.  We were checking out at a gas station and there were some really good-looking sweet rolls on the counter.  I have a weakness for sweets.  I really wanted one, but the line mentioned above came to me and I was able to resist because I do want to lose weight.

I sometimes think that some Christians are on a spiritual diet.

In order to grow as believers in Christ there are three basic components.  They are good helpings of scripture, prayer and fellowship.  Now these things are available in individual servings, but they are best enjoyed family style… that means in church, in case you are missing my point.  Yet many Christians place church attendance very low in their set of priorities.  I have personally attended services every time the doors were open since I was a teenager.  I greatly value my time at church, and that was true for years before I became a pastor.  I firmly believe that it contributes greatly to spiritual growth, and also helps in the smooth operations of daily life.

Some Christians seem to be on a starvation diet.

How often have you attended church in the last month?

Are you losing the wrong type of weight?