Raising Hopes and Crushing Dreams

I was a Vikings fan in the sixties, seventies, eighties and into the early nineties.  Then I moved into a new area where they were not broadcast every week and I no longer followed their seasons with any real interest.  Actually, I had become increasingly frustrated because year after year they would show wonderful promise and potential, but were never able to win the BIG GAME.  Each year started out with wonderful potential, many years would show promise, but each year ended with a loss.

This year was no different.

Once again the Minnesota Vikings fans had their hopes raised… and their dreams crushed. 

The funny part is that I was drawn into it. I do not consider myself a Vikings fan.  I hadn’t watched a game all year, but last night I went over to a friend’s to watch the game.  ( He is a devout Dallas fan, and was rooting for the Saints.)  It was, for the most part, an enjoyable game.  The only problem was… I found myself wanting the Viking to win, hoping they would win, even daring to believe that they might win.

They didn’t.



Congratulations Saints, good luck in the Super Bowl.  Vikings, thanks for  a great season for your fans, and an exciting conclusion.

Maybe next year?


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11 Responses to “Raising Hopes and Crushing Dreams”

  1. Duane Moraine Says:

    Never been a Vikings fan. Enjoyed it when KC beat them, yea many years ago. However, I have been for them all year. Watched the end of the game after church and was disappointed. The best team did not win. A great year, though. Culture can be fun and disappointing. Church can be inspirational and disappointing. Life.

  2. JaCi Waldorf Says:

    Ha ha, you sure called that one!

  3. Gloria Says:

    so can we get rid of the jacket now?

  4. Cherie Bell Says:

    Turnovers, yeah…and dirty, rotten, lousy, couldn’t-make-a-decent-call-if-their-lives-depended-on-it referees.

    I’m not bitter.

    But Tom sure is.

  5. Cherie Bell Says:

    Tom just told me to add…”It’s enough to make a preacher swear.”

  6. Gloria Says:

    LOL at Tom’s comment!!

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