Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts died Tuesday December 15, 2009.  He had an impact on me that has profoundly influenced my approach to ministry.

I never heard him preach.

I have never read one of his books.

I visited Oral Roberts University back in the late seventies, with a gospel group of which I was a member.  I remember the symbol of three hands and forearms that were joined together in a triangle.  The meaning of the symbol was explained by our guide.  It represented the hand of the doctor, the hand of a person praying, and the hand of God.   All three worked together to bring healing to an individual life.

I have always remembered that symbol, and, after over twenty years in ministry, I still believe it expresses well my own approach.  Pray, seek medical attention, and pray again; because ultimately all healing is a gift from God, whether it comes through a supernatural act, or the use of medical treatments.


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6 Responses to “Oral Roberts”

  1. JaCi Waldorf Says:

    What a wonderful symbol! It is very true and a great way to explain it to people. In my own circle of friends and family, I often hear people say that their prayers aren’t being answered in certain situations…especially health situations. They will ask questions like, “If God is so great and loves me so much, why am I so sick?” Yet they are the ones who are sitting around everyday soaking in their own self-pity and unhealthy habits, refusing to seek medical attention. God has given us the tools we need to deal with problems as they arise in our lives, and it’s important to remember that we need to be active as well as prayerful. I think my pastor calls it “Faithing”- as a verb – having faith but showing we have faith by taking action.

  2. Ruthie Oberg Says:

    I appreciated this thought this morning. Thanks, Curt!

  3. Gloria Says:

    I also visited ORU. My mom, dad, sister and I took a vacation that centered around that visit. Unlike you, I grew up listening to him. My dad loved Oral Roberts. He died with a prayer cloth from Oral under his pillow. I was a teenager then and that bothered me for awhile. God is all knowing and in time His peace filled the void that my dad’s death had created. As a very wise man once said “We do not dictate the terms of grace” We also trust God that He knows best. Looking back I see some of the “whys’ that God took my daddy home then. He works all things out for good.

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