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Wahi (not a vacation destination)

December 14, 2009

Wahi is a Japanese word that means poverty.  In Zen Buddhist teachings, it is used to emphasis a life that is free from dependence on wealth, reputation and power.  (G. Kessler:Voices of Wisdom)

When I read this in preparation for my class, I was confronted with the questions: “How many pastors of Christian churches desire to have wealth, reputation or power?”  and   “Am I pursuing, or desiring wealth, reputation or power?”  and “How can we reconcile that with the command of Jesus to ‘Take up your cross and follow me’  ” ???

It was thought provoking.  Does the American church need to realign its thinking?  Has the gospel of health, wealth and prosperity distorted our thinking?  Have we drifted off course?

Can we be rebuked and corrected from a non-Christian source?

Just some random thoughts, and questions.