2nd Stimulus Package

President Obama is pushing for a second stimulus package.  He seems to think that we can spend our way out of economic trouble. 

That would be fine, if we had the money to spend.  When we continuously borrow money to pay for our ever-increasing programs we are headed towards economic disaster instead of economic recovery.  Instead of adding to the deficit, in the hopes of recovery, we should be reducing our spending.  Our economy will recover on its own if we quit adding to the burden placed upon the business world.  When families overspend, they go bankrupt.  When businesses overspend, they go out of business.  What will happen if our government continues to overspend?

It won’t be good.


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2 Responses to “2nd Stimulus Package”

  1. JaCi Waldorf Says:

    I agree, “it won’t be good.”

    Speaking of politics (kind of unrelated), what do you know about the Pope’s encyclical that came out on July 7th? I am a huge Michael Jackson fan, and his funeral was televised around the world on that day after rescheduling it about 3 times. I didn’t notice until a few weeks ago that it was the same day this encyclical was released that calls for a “new world financial order”. I thought it was strange that both things would happen on the same day. Almost like the funeral was supposed to distract the world from what was really going on. Just curious what your thoughts are on this and if it fulfills any Biblical prophecy.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      JaCi, I am not familiar with the encyclical that you mentioned. I will have to look into it. A world-wide monetary, economic system is not evil in itself, but it prepares the way for the fulfilling of biblical prophecy.

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