As a pastor, I am paid after the last Sunday of the month.  We made this arrangement years ago, when I was working a full-time job outside of the church.  The church set my salary at what they would like to pay me, and then paid me at the end of the month, after the bills were paid.   If there was money available. 

 It was my idea.  I was, and am, willing to trust God to provide for us.

 Sometimes I got a full check, and many times I did not.  Over the years, the church has become financially more stable.  I went to working a part time job.  (My wife also works outside of the church.)  The months that I did not receive a full check became less and less.  Now it is a rarity, but it still occurs occasionally.  ( Twice this year, so far. )

I practice what I preach. 

When the income drops, I adjust the family budget for the month.  Need versus want,  is applied as the budget must be adjusted.  Hard decisions about where the money will be used must be made if our monthly budget is to balance.  I am thankful that God has blessed me with a wife who is willing to live within a budget, and who volunteers ways to reduce our spending, that affects her personally.

God provides enough for us, even as I blogged earlier in a post titled “Enough”.  Not only do I practice what I preach; I believe what I preach.  Our church income this month was significantly reduced.  We will adjust.  It will not be without sacrifice, but  it will be enough.

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3 Responses to “Adjust”

  1. Gloria Says:

    For the record — please remember that I don’t like it!!! That said, life is not all about what we like and what we want — The song doesn’t go “It’s all about me…” I am grateful that you do indeed practice what you preach. It is so much easier to follow someone who is real and lives what he talks about.
    Hopefully next month will be better!!

  2. Gloria Says:

    For anyone reading my comment — the song goes “It’s all about You Jesus and all this is for You – for Your glory and Your fame. It’s not about me as if You should do things my way. You alone are God and I surrender to Your ways.”

    Thanks again hon for being a man I can point to as an example of what it means to be a godly man!!!

  3. Pastor Curt Says:

    Gloria, Thank you for your comments, and for putting up with me all these years.

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