Time Travel

The other day in my philosophy class we discussed the possibility of time travel. 

We first had to come up with a definition of time that would work.  We decided that time was a means of measuring the relationship of events.  We recognized that there was a standard frame of reference with the revolution of the earth,  divided into hours, minutes and seconds; and the orbit of the earth around the sun divided into months, weeks, and days. 

We also recognized that our perception of time is varied.  There are events that make time seem to pass quickly, and other occasions where time seems to almost stand still.

As to the possibility of time travel, at least for now, it appears to be a one way street.  It is like traveling in a vehicle.  We can look out the rear window and see where we have been, we can look through the front windshield and see where we are heading, and we have some control over the direction that we travel,  but we are always inside the vehicle, which is the present moment.  We are leaving the past behind, traveling towards the future, but we actually exist, only in the present.

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2 Responses to “Time Travel”

  1. LisaB Says:

    The truth of that seems to be an interesting paradox for the poor person “living in the past” and by that I mean, for instance, an elderly person who honestly thinks it is some day way back in their history and are trying to live as if it IS that day even though in reality it is so many years later, and their mind is so ill they can’t recognize that their surroundings and the people around them are all wrong for the time period they THINK they’re living in. Their body is in the present but their mind is stuck way back in the past. Hmmm…could that be considered a form of time travel?

  2. Pastor Curt Says:

    Lisa, thanks for commenting. I am afraid that, although it may seem like time travel, it would simply be delusion.

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