Beyond Words

“The spirit may grasp truth that breaks beyond the barriers of human language.”

Last night in Bible study, one of the older members of our congregation, (She is 97!) commented that the topic was so deep that she was having trouble expressing what God was saying to her.  After the study was officially concluded, we were still sitting around talking and the line that I wrote above, came to me and I quickly got up wrote it down on the board so that I wouldn’t forget it. 

I believe that God communicates to us in a variety of ways.  God will utilize the natural means of verbal communication, such as reading, dialogue, and rational thought; but additional truths are grasped by an internal comprehension,  a revelation on a spiritual level, which allows us to understand, but that may be difficult to express.  These truths have a profound impact on how we comprehend the things of God, and of the world, and even though our attempts to put them into words are only partially successful; they enrich our lives, and our cognition of metaphysical reality.

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4 Responses to “Beyond Words”

  1. Gloria Says:

    It was a great Bible study and that quote is one of my new favorites!!!

  2. JaCi Waldorf Says:

    That quote is very true. Well, true to me at least 🙂 I was assigned “Deliverance from Error” in class and it talks a bit about how some things we just know and can’t explain. I think that’s what faith is all about. To me, God is very real and speaks to me in many different forms. To someone else, it may look like I’m just choosing to believe in something I cannot see. But to me, His presence in my life is just as real as the air I breathe (which by the way, we can’t see air either…).

  3. Pastor Curt Says:

    JaCi, Thanks for commenting. There are many ways that we can show intellectual support for our religious beliefs, but they cannot be proven conclusively. I believe that God intended it to be that way.

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