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A Whisper in the Wind (revisited)

September 2, 2009

This post will address how God’s voice can be like a whisper in the wind.

First I need to give some explanation.  My choice of title is not a claim that this blog is the voice of God.  It has been over a year since I first began writing this blog.  The very first article explained my basic reasoning for the name.Simply put, this blog was my voice being cast out into the blog-o-sphere, or cyberspace, where, for the most part it is swallowed up, like a whisper in the wind.  Yet, it is there, for those few that come across it’s path.  It is a stone cast into a pond.  I do not know where the ripples willgo or where they will end.

Since that time there have been quite a few individuals that have come across that very first article looking for the voice of God, and they have probably been disappointed with what they found in that article.

The idea of God’s voice as a whisper in the wind comes from the story of God speaking to the prophet Elijah.  First, there was a mighty wind, but God was not in the wind.  Then an earthquake, but God was not in the earthquake.  Then a fire, but God was not in the fire.  Then a still, small voice, and it was God.  You should read the story for yourself.  It is found in I Kings chapter 19.

Sometimes God’s voice is like thunder, and He speaks to us in ways that are dramatic, loud and clear.  Other times, and I would suggest that it is far more often, God speaks to us in less dramatic fashion.  Often, there is a combination of the physical, and the spiritual.  We see, or hear, or read, something, and then God, by His Holy Spirit, confirms the message in our heart, speaking to us in by a quiet voice within. 

The best physical way in which God speaks to us is through His Word,  the Holy Bible.  We should use the Bible which has been accepted as God’s Word for thousands of years, by millions of people,  as a means of testing other ways in which He may reveal Himself to us.  New revelations do not replace the old. There is an underlying unity in all of God’s revelations, for God is one, and He does not change. 

He is not limited in how He can reveal himself to those who are seeking to hear His voice.  If you are seeking Him,  He will reveal Himself to you.  Listen for His voice.  He may use anything.   He might even, occasionally, use this blog.