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August 19, 2009

“The key to accumulating wealth is to live well within your means.”  I read this quote in a newspaper a long time ago. (Sorry, I can’t remember who said it.)  

I have not managed to accumulate much wealth, but I have succeeded in living within my means, and I have accumulated a lot of stuff. (Does that count? Even if it’s not worth much?)

Too much stuff…

“Sometimes the things we posses begins to possess us.”   (I think I read that somewhere.)

What happens when a pack rack lives in a consumer society?  You accumulate stuff… a lot of stuff.  (Don’t get rid of that, I might need it someday.  It could be used for…)


The thought of my basement or my garage makes me cringe.  (I once heard that however big your house or garage, your stuff will increase until it is full.)

Somedays I just want to sell everything and start over.

Can you have an estate sale while you are still alive?

Anyway, I suppose what I am trying to say, (That is, if I am trying to say anything.)  is that it is not in our possesions that we find true wealth.  It is important to live within our means, to be thankful for what we have, to be good stewards of our time, money and possesions, to enjoy the life that we have in this world; but our true happiness comes from our relationships.  Our relationship, first of all, with God; then our family, and our friends.  If we are rich in our relationships, then we are truly wealthy.

Don’t throw that out!!