Opponents of Obamacare are focusing on the wrong thing.  There is a lot of noise, literally, being made in opposition to the willingness of congress to include payment for end of life counseling.  What people fail to realize is that this counseling already takes place on a regular basis.  When people are in critical, end of life situations, the doctors go over the various treatment options.  These options are carefully laid out and the patient and family are allowed to choose their course of treatment in an informed manner.  That is a very good thing.  The bill simply allows doctors to be paid for their time when giving these sessions,  especially when they are being performed in non-emergency settings, helping people set up advance directives.

I suspect that the focus needs to be placed elsewhere.  I read the paper regularly and would like to see more debate over the cost and manner of payment.  Also, the need for companies to come into compliance within five years.  The impact on medical treatment and the insurance companies.  This preoccupation with end of life counseling is causing more critical components of the bill to go unchallenged.   

Is it a clever tactic being employed to misdirect attention to something that can be readily explained?  Let’s see some commentary and debate on other aspects of the bill!

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