Health Care Reform

“We have the best medicine in the world…”  Lisa Newton in Ethics in America follows that statement with   “and we get it by channeling the private greed of manufacturers, physicians, universities, research scientists, hospitals, insurance companies…”

I have a bad feeling that the heath care reform that is currently proposed will be a disaster of significant proportions.  The health care industry is a behemoth that contributes significantly to society in terms of jobs, taxes, and research that results in the best health  care in the world.  It may be fatally wounded by government interference. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Minnesota has a wonderful system for supporting those people who do not have health coverage.  The state provides health insurance on a sliding scale fee dependent on ones income.  It does not replace traditional coverage.  It is for those for whom coverage is not otherwise provided.  Our congress should look to that model for their inspiration rather than the Canadian model.  It would involve a much less extensive overhaul of the system, would be much less disruptive, much less costly,  and would still accomplish the goal of providing the opportunity for coverage for all Americans.

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2 Responses to “Health Care Reform”

  1. Federal Farmer Says:

    Now the insurance industry is dupping the WH. This says something about the limits of business ethics generally. I’ve just posted on it at

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Who’s duping who?

      Someone is going to end up paying the cost of the health care bill, and that cost is going to hurt. I am concerned that the impact of the current bill is not fully understood, that it will not work as well as projected.

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